Society of giving-the philosophy of body

Recently, I read in one e-magazine, that scientists discovered one feels better when he/she gives away. It looks like the mechanism of giving is connected with a biological reaction of happiness. That fact made me think, what if we could create a society that is bodyly-correct.A society based on our biologically inherited triggers of happiness and unhappiness.

What's the philosophy of giving? When you give away something or do something for someone, for his/her well-being , you feel useful,helpful and worthy. Your body fills you with satisfaction and self-respect. You consider yourself good, loving and caring. Thinking about positive things is nice, but only the action unlocks inside you an attitude to yourself and the others, which we rarely manage to experience in our everyday life. Attitude of inner content.

Then...can we live entirely like this? Can we give without wanting back? To give with all our hearth and when we get something back- to enjoy the gift with our whole existence. But to never request love. Do we know the meaning of the word appreciate.

For example, take the purest and the most beautiful human feeling. What is love without the passion and the sex? Without the desire to possess and to obsess. Isn't it exactly the joy of giving to your loved one, to make him/her happy and see the light in his/hers eyes. Isn't it the desire to see him/her well, to make everything necessary so that person can be happy and smiling? It is difficult to imagine what the pure love is, because while we're in love, our brain is completely chaotic due to the chemicals in it. It's intoxicated to the point the world beyond is not existent, it's not important. We're so blinded by the pleasure of touching someone who'll touch you back with the same pleasure, to give tenderness and to receive it back, that we decide, this is all there is. In this moments, the love is not so much a gift, but a mutual desire to drink up the life and the passion that so suddenly came to us.
Is it possible that love to exist forever? If tomorrow they discover a way to become immortal, can our love survive in us throughout the centuries? To be forever with one person, although the sex is already boring, if any, and whne the thrill is lost in the years. Does that mean love doesn't exist? Do we know what to love means at all?
Yes, I think we know. I think there is an example of pure love-the mother's love to a child. Is there any purer and more dedicated and unconditional love than this? What does a mother require from her child in exchange for her love and care? Nothing, except respect, maybe. For children always love their mothers, there's no need to request that. No need to doubt it or to cry the night away, because something in your relationship is wrong. Mothers know that this love will last forever and no one can argue that. Because no one gives as much as the mother. And the child will always love his/her mother. As simple as that.
What could happen if we all start giving and enjoying it? Just giving and not receiving? Not to require anything in exchange, but just enjoy the fact we can give, that we have someone to make happy. It sounds difficult, because there is always someone to abuse this. But how can one abuse something that makes you feel so good just by doing it. Because your body say so. And agree with me, the body is very powerful source of approval.
Can we, when we find someone to love, forget about receiving and always try to give away. It doesn't mean not acknowledging (or enjoying) what the other person gives us-no, we must develop the giving, but also the sensitivity to be able to understand and enjoy the gifts other people make us. We can make nice things for the person next to us and to enjoy his/her actions without requiring them, without expecting them. I think we can do that.
Another question is whether such love can be put in the frame of monogamy we so much adore. Because when you give and don't require anything in return, you're completely free. Free to give to whoever you feel like and to enjoy what you'll get, when you get it.
But back on the society, because this is the essence. Can we, like citizens, give without wanting back? It doesn't mean,of course, to not request our civil rights and personal freedoms-they are ours, because our civilization requires them. No one can give if his/her heart is in the mud. The question is in the attitude. Can we, when going to work, make it with the inner conviction, we're doing something important, something that will benefit us and the others and that will help us express ourselves. That in some way, we help the people around us and to the civilization as a whole to become better. Can we, while communicating with other people, always start with the thought "what good deed I can do for them".
I'm not speaking of ignoring our needs or desires, since the body philosophy would never accept that. For the body, the self preservation and well-being is above all. But beside that, the body likes to give. It likes to make people happy. It likes seeing them smile. It wants us to be happy while making the others happy.
Can we consider all our actions from that filter?Always to search for the possibility of mutual benefit, of making someone happy. Of creating something useful. Of telling people something important without pushing them and without making them feel miserable or unworthy.Without hurting their dignity.
Can we first think what we can give and then what we could gain. Can we go shopping and smile sincerely even to the angry lady in the store. Or to be nice with whoever happens to be around us. Because from my own experience, I saw, every time when I was depressed, even the most meaningless and short conversation with some neighbor makes me feel A LOT better. I feel so much lighter.
I think, if each and every one of us tries to find within the happiness of giving it would be way easier to get what we want. Because if everybody gives, everybody will receive, too.
And don't turn that idea into an utopia - it's not. This is just a society with different priorities. It doesn't turn down the defense of personal interest, it simply makes you do what you do with different motivation.
There always is a way to make things work without harming or hurting anyone. Simply we're so used to feel not understood, we prefer not to search for that way. But there is a way! Wouldn't it be great to live in a society that knows it?
Yes, it's hard, but we have to start from somewhere. And as Buddhists say -to change the world, it's enough to change yourself. And this, at least,we can do. Let's search for the opportunity to give, to create something pretty and good, to make someone happy in every occasion. I'm sure that if we do it, the world will change really really quickly. And don't forget-all this is written in our brains. Whoever put it there, it must have been for a purpose.