The meditation- the wonderland in our hands!

Learning to meditate is one of the most important things in order to have healthy and joyful life. Yes, there are so many other skills you need to acqure to be successful, but meditation is essential for keeping you up and running and enjoying what you do.
Because meditation is your connection with your Real self. It centers you and get you back on the right track. You're feeling lost? Have few quite moments and you'll feel much much better. Meditation is like the glue that keeps you from falling appart. It shows you the reason for what happens, or more accurately, it shows you the purpose of everything. It gives you the sense of comfort in your body and the feeling of right to be where you are.
I'm not going to get in great details here about how to meditate, because there are so many wonderful books with so many different (and working) techniques. What I'm trying to do is to make you feel the urge to learn more on the issue and to TRY. Because in meditation, no matter what you read or hear, as long as you don't try, it's useless. Because meditation cannot be intelectual and cannot be known trough simple "knowledge". It must be known trough experience.

What is meditation?

Without the Eastern fuss, to meditate means to be full of yourself. To be so full with awareness so that you can stop the thought-process and enjoy the silence. Because "Silence" or if you prefere "softness" is all in meditation- the point when you can surpass your senses and thoughts and just feel the existance of the essense- your soul- and how it connects with the outer world. How the wholeness spills in and out of you and never quite sepparate from its source. And let's call the source just that- the Source, as it will be waste of time to think what the source is now. When you feel it, interpratete it the way you want. But first, feel it. For me, this is the first-hand experience of Unity with God. A glimpse of it to be precise.

Meditation is not that hard actually. Everything sounds kind of mistical but it's not. It's easy. You just have to find the right way for you to do it. It's like a room with so many gates, all of which you can break open after certain amount of time and efforts, but you have one key in your hand, which will open one of them effortlesly. And you want to find the door for that key. Because in the room is locked the most precious treasure on the world- your True Self. Now, if we were talking with Morpheus(am, not only he, actually), he'd say- "There's no gates, there's no room, the treasure is already in your hands" and of course he'll be absolutely right. But although it sounds great, I think it brings more confusion or at least frustration than the other way. Because we're so used to conquering things, we can't simply have it. Most of us can't simply take a breath and realize they are one with the Universe and that they are omnipotent and full of love. It just won't happen for real in most cases. Yes, you can think you feel it, but whether you feel it is other question. Though it's always fun to try.

So let's get back on the key to the Golden Door.
Now, the key is the tecnique you will use with greatest success. As Osho said in his "Book of "Secrets"- every technique can lead you there, but one will be just for you. It will be yours.

Discovering the technique can be somewhat of a delusion. People read books, go to seminars, try so many things and in the end nothing happens. That's why I'd like to offer you what I think is the base for a successful "flight".

The idea of meditation is to make you mind so calm, meaning to have no thoughts or at least to not pay attention to them (then they will simply start disappearing) so that you can open up for the sensation of wholeness. The problem with this is that your brain is so used to producing thoughts and connections and recollections, it's actualy a great problem to hush it even for few seconds. But it's not impossible.

So, to deal with the "noise" in your head, you get all those techniques. That's what they aim-to stop your thought-process. In doing so, they differ. Some will try to hush you in over-loading your brain. That means they will make you feel or think or hear so many things, they'll make your brain to halt. The other will go in the oppposite direction- they'll simply tell you to ignore all the senses, to focuss on the silence, on the nothing or whatever.Both kinds work equally well, it all depends on the diligence you put in them.

But why we need to stop our thought-process?

Yes, that is a good question- after all, thinking is what makes us human, it is what gives us the power to change the world. Yes and no. Thinking is really a power, a great skill, but it's just a tool. It's not the essence of being human. The essence is our soul- the one that gives us the dreams, the ideas, the drive for perfectness. Our thought are just the middle step, before turning those ideas into reality. It is important to think, to have discipline, to perfect our mind, but it's not all. We have to realize thinking is just one tool. It's doing great job in helping us survive and work and so on, but it's not to be "on" all the time. Our brain needs to think as much as it needs to not think and be in touch with the outer Reality. It NEEDS it. And we don't give it to it. We fill our brain with noise of thoughts that flow incoherently but also incessantly in our head. Only when we sleep or in times of great danger or focuss we're free of them. But most of the time, we're full of mental spam and that's a fact.

Let's admit it, meditation if not anything is GREAT for your health. It makes you relax (or rather you have to relax to get into it), it gives you the time to catch up with the emotions that pile up in you during day and that you often block so that you can be efficient part of our society. Also, it let us feel the messages of your body and to deal with them. Even only this is worth the try! But also, it connects you with your soul. What that means if you don't believe you have a soul? Well, let's say it means, it will make you feel good, it will relax you and give you the edge, it will fill you with bliss and gratitude. Let's simply say it's a sweet way to start or finish your hard day. And that it require discipline and mastery over yourself.Isn't that enough to take a 10-minutes break and try it. Or to go out and buy a book dedicated on meditation? Most of them are written quite well, so I promise, it won't be a waste of time or money. And you'll feel the difference.

Some simple meditation techniques

Because this section won't be complete without a techinique or two, I will tell you what works best for me. I'm not such an expert, but I do my best and I find it quite energesing to meditate.

  1. First I like the sensational technique- start with your feet and feel your toes very carefully. Then move up but without loosing the feeling of the sections you already did. Let all those body awareness pile-up in you. When you move trough your whole body, you may want to try feeling your inner organs or your bones. I personally was quite surprised how good it felt when I felt my bones for a first time. This meditation is a great way to get starting a deeper one as it will remove the tensions in your body ( usually it's enough just to move your attention to the part with tension after some time, it will go).
  2. The circulation of breath. Yes, this is what you'll find in EVERY book and it is important. Just for me it not always work so well, as I get too distracted by the breath itself. But it's my problem, this one should be mastered, as it's good for your health and you'll benefit a great deal from deep breathing in a rhytme. How to do it? Easily- simply follow your breath. Nothing complicated. Follow your breath entering you, getting down into your lung, till your stomach, stopping for a moment and then getting the same way out. One thing I really enjoyed and always do when meditating is the following addition:
  3. When you breath in, focuss on your stomach and feel it blows up like a balloon. Inhale- it fills up with breath, exhale-it shrinks. The idea is that in order to breath the right way, you need to move your diafragm. So the balloon is actually your diafragm (kind of), but this is a better way to manipulate it. When you master this there is an advanced version.
  4. Inhale, your breath moves directly into your belly, feel the energy fills up your stomach, then your lung, then your head. Like a cloud that is enclosing your body upwards. Then on exhale-they shrink in following order- head, lungs, belly. And again. It was complicated for me in the beginning, because all the books teach us that the energy moves up on your back on inhale and down on your front on exhale, but this version is more directly connected with our body. It simply follows the right way of breathing - you breath in, your diafragm with you belly moves down to open space in your down lung, then the belly and the diafragm gets up to allow filling the middle lung and in the end your shoulders move upwards to fill in the top part of the lung.
  5. MY favourite- the non-thinking. All the above techniques are fun, but when you master it, you can as well create a whole new book while doing it, because our mind is notoriously good (and Thank God about it) in parallel processing. So the most important for me is to stop thinking while doing any of it. To do so, well, just do it. When a thought appear, just say "ok" and get back on your emptiness. Of course, first you need to glimpse what emptiness means and I did it just "freezing"-staying in the moment. Like feeling my whole body and mind,all of them in that single moment. Can't explain it. Just stop for a second and feel yourself. Then stop and do it again. When you do it few moments consecutively the emptiness opens up. It's like a space inside you that you can submerge in, when you want. And when you submerge in it, there are no thoughts, there is just silence and wellness. You just have to not pay attention to your thoughts and you're in it. Then you're out, then you're in. It's like this.

Meditation is eternal process. I don't know where's the point when you just close your eyes and do it effortlessly. When you just sit and don't think of anything. For me, it's still a fight in the beginning and a bliss in the end. A fight until I open up my Space of Silence and then just a matter of focussing back on it everytime I distract with something. It's fun, but I'd like one day to do it without the fight. Anyway, not to disencourage you, but I spent, like 5 years in doing meditation until I realized the existence of the Space of Silence, so don't expect miracles from the first time. Not that it's so difficult, just the books won't tell you to "freeze". And until you don't spend few moments "in contact" you can't know there is such space and how easily you can find it and even stay there. But when you find it, the whole thing gets a new meaning. I hope you find it and even surpass me in it. It's worthy. It's our heritage from the time before. Or after. It shows us there is more to us than just body and feelings and problems and evanescent joy. There is so much more to it. The Eternal Joy. The bliss that will always be there and you just have to submerge in it. The bliss that will give you the confidence that whatever you do, you can always be back there and feel good. That's not to say we should care about our life-quite the contrary. It gives you a new point of view from which you see the world with new eyes. With the eyes of love and gratitude. Try it.

I'm going to give you some book for reference. These are books I read and found useful. Hope they help you to find your way to meditate.

  • "The Tao of natural breathing" by Dennis Lewis.
  • "Book of the secrets vol 1 to 5" by Osho
  • "Healing with form, energy and light" by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
  • "Initiation into hermetics" by Franz Bardon /A GREAT BOOK, trust me!/
  • "8 minutes meditation"
  • "Twenty-five doors to meditation" by Samuel Weiser, Inc
  • "Living in the heart How to enter into the sacred space within the Heart " by Drunvalo Melchiezedek (though only the meditation is worthy on my opinion)